3.3 Vanlife and Women on the Road Podcast w/ Laura Hughes

Laugha Hughes How She Views It - Wander Woman Wednesday

Laura is the host of the Women on the Road Podcast. She found out about the opportunity as she was searching for community while building out her camper van with her partner Shane. When they hit the road they planned to live in the van for about 6-12 months. A few months into their experience they knew they wanted to be nomadic for a lot longer than that. She is a TRUE Wander Woman!

Laura still runs the podcast which is a branch of www.she-explores.com. I’ve listened to both of those podcasts myself and LOVE the advice and support I get from them as a woman who loves to wander!

What you can expect:

  • Laura shares what book she thinks everyone should read
  • I share a bit about my own van life adventures
  • Learn how Women on The Road Podcast got started
  • Laura speaks to obstacles standing in the way of van life
  • What comfort items mean to Laura and Shane
  • Learn the convenient public spaces to park your van (in nature)
  • Tools and resources for adventurers

References from the Podcast:

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