Rising Woman, Healing Your Relationships, and Women’s Groups with Sheleana

Sheleana, the founder of Rising Woman, is a writer, mentor, and women’s work facilitator in Vancouver, BC.

She is a certified breathwork facilitator and trained full-spectrum doula offering full-spectrum abortion, miscarriage, pregnancy and birth support to women and couples.

Sheleana is passionate about working 1-1 with women on Conscious Relationship, Childhood Wounds, and the Mother Wound and occasionally co-leads workshops in her area.

She draws on her own life experience, years of personal study, and continual in-person training as a teachers assistant under Transpersonal Therapist and Teacher, Phil Mistlberger.

You’ll find Sheleana in just a few places: cuddled up at home with her partner, in Conscious Relationship Training and Shadow Work Therapy Chambers, and for breakfast and bookstore dates with her best friend and co-facilitator, Heather.

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About the author, Katie

Katie Jones is a Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide, and Manifestation Coach. She's currently living Pura Vida in Uvita, Costa Rica. Her interests include environmental sustainability, women's health, yoga, meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), avocado, and surfing.

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