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I started Wander Well Podcast with the intention of inspiring women to be dareful, to dream big, and to create whatever life they wanted for themselves.

Over the past year, Wander Well Podcast has been a travel/self-care podcast, a women's empowerment podcast, and an outlet for my growth and experiences as an entrepreneur and Meditation Guide.

It's become clear to me that it's time to change the name of Wander Well Podcast, as there are other companies out there who also have Wander Well in their name, and have indeed trademarked it.

Because I'd prefer not to deal with any legal issues I'm going to preemptively change the name. And truthfully, I haven't been in love with the name for a while now...

But don't worry, 

I'm not going anywhere, in fact, I'll likely become MORE prolific as I transition into a completely clean slate.

So tell me, DM me on IG (@katiejohnita) let me know what YOU think I should name this podcast!

In its current form, it is a platform for women to share the stories that shape who they are today, share tips on how they manifested their best lives, and the knowledge they've picked up along the way.

I will also begin to share my morning affirmations/meditation on the podcast. Lots to look forward to!

Please reach out to me and share your ideas about where you'd like to see this podcast go from a branding perspective!

DM Me @katiejohnita on IG

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